Our programs


Some children need help all their lives. They are very happy to make things. They draw, paint and make various things from paper, ribbons and other craft materials. Those lying in bed enjoy music or dolls, look at children’s books and play with children’s toys. The worst get therapy with the help of pets. We know that they greatly appreciate the contact with animals. This group also enjoys being in the water, and we have therefore started with pool therapy. We have so far been able to offer these activities a few times a week. If you have craft materials or toys that you are not going to use, they would be greatly appreciated and well used here.


Active Child Aid supports different orphanages and organizes sports activities, different courses and trips out to help children. Every child deserves a normal life.The older children want pretty much the same as the younger ones. Most of all, they want a home and a family. The reality is that when children are over nine years old, the chances of adoption are almost zero.


Active children are happy children. Active Child Aid organizes different sports activities to help children develop and improve cognitive skills. Participation in sports by children is associated with a range of documented physical, emotional, social, educational, and other benefits that can last into adulthood.


Doing arts and crafts gives children a way to express themselves. Activities such as drawing or painting allow them to unleash their imagination and express their inner thoughts and worries.

Art undoubtedly plays a significant role in children’s development. Arts and crafts significantly improve children’s psycho mobility as they practice handling various tools such as brushes and scissors. Active Child Aid runs craft activities in many orphanages and in the library.


Free Time Center (Fritidshus) is an activity house through Active Child Aid, where we offer free pilates, yoga, cardio step, zumba and cooking courses. Everybody is very welcome !


Some of our help sessions are held in the therapy centers that provide group support. This is also a way to help families, but in a group setting. Many families need assistance in various ways, we also provide shoes, food, clothes and toys. The single mothers are very happy to get something for their children and themselves.


Children who are in orphanages often have a tough story behind them. It can be characterized by unpredictability and uncertainty. Meeting a safe, cuddly, friendly dog ​​means a lot to a child. The dog helps children to cope with life and deal with problems with psychosis and eating disorders.


Active Child Aid Limited is a separate company and runs a collection of clothes, shoes and toy distribution. Large parts of what is collected are sold to various cooperating companies from Poland.The best things are given to the families and orphanages. The entire profit from Active Child Aid Limited goes to the voluntary organization Active Child Aid. The collection helps us to support our non-profit organization and all of our programs. Our volunteers distribute gifts to orphanages and poor families.


In addition to giving the young people clothes that we get from Norway, we often take them on adventure trips. Just like most other young people, they are happy with speed, excitement and experiences that get their adrenaline rushing. Unlike most other young people, they do not get this kind of experience at home or in an orphanage.


Active Child Aid was born on the streets of Moscow. We worked with children on the streets to lift themselves out of a life of poverty, violence and abuse. This was the inspiration for Active Child Aid, growing from the understanding of street children living in Moscow.